Property Construction

Highland Property Construction, Inc., a California General Contractor (Licence #848394),specializes in the construction and rehabilitation of multifamily affordable housing rehabilitation. Led by President Kristoffer Kaufmann, Highland Property Construction Inc. ("HPC") takes a team approach to each property rehabilitation, coordinating with developers, property management, lenders, investors, and government agencies.

In its collaboration with the developer, HPC looks for ways to enhance the value of the property and to attract the most desirable reception from public financing agencies. This is accomplished by approaching the development rehabilitation with planning and design measures that maximize community development and green design. Installation of systems designed for durability and energy efficacy both reduce operation and maintenance expenses and conserve public resources. Choosing to rehabilitate communities already abundant in deciduous trees, adding high efficiency irrigation systems, and creating outdoor living spaces are other strategies that promote.

HPC understands that during the renovation, it is imperative to stay in close communication with property management. HPC holds regular coordination meetings with management to develop the construction schedules and scope of work as well as to discuss best practices for fulfilling the needs of the property and its residents.

Having worked with numerous agencies, equity providers and public and private lenders, HPC continues to educate itself about the demands of these important partners as stakeholders whose requirements must be fulfilled during the development and construction process.

HPC helps develop scopes of work that will not only serve the physical and aesthetic needs of the property and its residents, but will limit any adverse impact on the residents and management during restorative construction. In most cases, HPC coordinates with residents to avoid the cost and inconvenience of relocation.

Due to its ability to collaborate with other team members and its experience in this specialized field, Highland Property Construction is able to meet the needs of all its partners in each development.

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